“The OSHA Training Institute Education Centers are authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to provide innovative and effective safety and health training to improve the safety culture and performance in the workplace.”  OSHA.gov

Keene State College proudly announces that the OSHA Training Institute Education Center, Region 1 is reauthorized by the Directorate of Training and Education OSHA to serve workers, employers and our safety community October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2022. Established 1994 as the premier OSHA Training and Education provider for New England and beyond.

OSHA Training Institute Education Center, Region 1 is authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide innovative and effective safety and health training to improve safety culture and performance in the workplace. Since 1994 Keene State College’s OSHA Education Center provides premier educational and professional development opportunities within the New England region and beyond.

As the official provider of OSHA’s safety and health training, OTI Education Centers have a course for every OSHA training requirement. You can even become an OSHA-authorized Outreach Trainer, and earn the authority to award official Department of Labor cards (10 & 30 hours). You cannot get that anywhere else. Keene’s OTI Education Center offers regional “open enrollment” OSHA courses and customized on-site training to meet the needs of your work force.

OSHA Authorizes Live Online Delivery of Safety Classes to Expand Availability of OSHA Training!


OSHA numbered courses are available to participants working or living within the jurisdiction of Region 1 New England States (NH, VT, ME, MA, CT, RI). This requirement per the Directorate of Training and Education/OSHA.

Exceptions to the New England rules of engagement may include:
1) You have been a certificate program participant in Region 1, alumni or have a long time verifiable (by transcript) relationship with the OTI Education Center, Region 1
2) You are an OSHA authorized outreach trainer wishing to reauthorize in New England/ Region 1

Program Streams

NCOS-402 - Advanced Hazard Communication: Moving Your Program from Right to Know to Right to Understand!
NCSH-200 - SubPart R Training: Steel Erection Course
NCSH-201 - Rigging Techniques/Inspections
NCSH-202 - Qualified Signal Person Course
NCSH-204 - Introduction to Walking/Working Surfaces
NCSH-214 - Mobile Crane Hazards
NCSH-250 - Metalworking Fluids Environment, Impact on Health Safety in the Workplace and Evaluation & Control
NCSH-290 - Training
NCSH-310 - 10 Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training Program
NCSH-320 - Ten-Hour Outreach Course in OSHA’s General Industry Safety and Health Standards
NCSH-322 - Health Care Specialist General Industry Outreach Training
NCSH-330 - 30-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training Program
NCSH-331 - 30 Hour General Industry Outreach Training Program
NCSH-370 - Disaster Site Worker Course/7.5 hr
NCSH-385 - 385 EM 385-1-1 Construction Hazard Awareness
NCSH-400 - Fire Prevention and Life Safety
NCSH-406 - Scaffold Users Course
NCSH-424 - Hands on Fall Protection
NCSH-431 - First Reciever/Operations Level Responder*Initial Training or Annual Refresher
NCSH-432 - Hazard Vulnerability Assessments for Health Care Facilities
NCSH-433 - Developing an Effective Emergency Operations Plan
NCSH-434 - Health Care Continuity of Business Plan
NCSH-435 - Weapons of Mass Destruction Response Awareness Training
NCSH-437 - Eight-Hour Hazardous Waste Site Worker Refresher Training
NCSH-438 - Twenty-Four-Hour Emergency Responder Basic Health & Safety Training
NCSH-439 - Basic Overview of Occupational Safety & Health Standards for General Industry
NCSH-440 - Air Contaminants, Worker Exposure Assessment and Ventilation Control Principles
NCSH-441 - Introduction to Toxicology
NCSH-442 - Industrial Ventilation
NCSH-443 - Radiation Protection
NCSH-444 - Managing Biological Hazards in The Workplace
NCSH-445 - Laboratory Safety: Establishing a partnership with scientists to ensure safe work practices
NCSH-446 - Indoor Air Quality
NCSH-447 - Conducting Environmental Health and Safety Audits
NCSH-448 - Hearing Protection Program for General Industry and Construction
NCSH-449 - Workplace Air Contaminant Sampling & Analysis
NCSH-452 - Work Smart – Be Safe: An Orientation to Long Term Care Safety
NCSH-453 - Lead, Silica and Abestos Awareness
NCSH-456 - 4-Hour Hazardous Waste Handler (RCRA) Training
NCSH-457 - 8 HR (1 day) HAZMAT/Emergency
NCSH-461 - Work Zone Safety
NCSH-462 - Flagger Course
NCSH-465 - Personal Protective Equipment
NCSH-468 - Respiratory Protection, PPE, & Decontamination Procedures First Receiver Train-the-Trainer
NCSH-470 - Electrical Safe Work Practices
NCSH-471 - Fundamentals of Electric Power Generation, transmission, and Distribution
NCSH-472 - Utilities plus Construction Outreach Program (U+COP)
NCSH-473 - Utility Training techniques Course
NCSH-474 - Medium Voltage Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers
NCSH-475 - Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership 10 hour OSHA Outreach Training
NCSH-476 - Utilities Metering General Industries Outreach Training
NCSH-477 - Utilities plus Construction Outreach Program (U+Cop) Generation
NCSH-480 - Globally Harmonized Systems
NCSH-481 - PSM:For Highly Hazardous Chemicals used in General Industry and Construction
NCSH-482 - Heat Stress and Strain in the Work Environment
NCSH-483 - Reasonable Suspicion
NCSH-485 - Workplace Violence: What Really Happens
NCSH-486 - Virtual Instructor Led Training
NCSH-488 - Prevention through Design: Design Intervention for General Industry
NCSH-489 - Fundamental of Safety & Workplace Hazard Prevention
NCSH-490 - Powered Industrial Trucks
NCSH-500 - Workplace Violence: What Really Happens
NCSH-617 - 10 Hour Maritime Outreach Course for Shipyard Employment
NCSH-618 - 30 Hour Shipyard
NCSH-7615 - 10 Hour Shipyard Employment, including ship repairing, shipbuilding, shipbreaking
NSCH-461 - Work Zone Traffic Control & Safety Course
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